With over 11 years of experience in leading student organizations and non-profit groups and two years of top-tier strategic consulting experience prior to 4 years with Yahoo!'s corporate strategy group, I am well-qualified for a corporate strategy or business development position that is positioned for rapid advancement towards upper management.  I specialize in working in a team environment with colleagues who are driven and who also enjoy challenging tasks and projects.  Furthermore, my experience in strategic business consulting has allowed me to develop strong analytical and problem-solving abilities that have prepared me for the next step in my career.

My best qualities in addition to my leadership and analytical skills are the depth of experience and understanding I have in marketing, business development, strategic thinking, and customer service, my ability to listen and grasp meaning, my attention to detail and hard-working attitude, and my personal integrity.  Also, my study abroad experience has given me the ability to see market conditions and business situations from an outsider's perspective.  I feel I would make an excellent analyst at a wide variety of firms.


Executive Skills:

11 years leadership experience through leading student organizations and non-profits in a number of roles including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Webmaster; extensive presentation & teamwork experience; entrepreneurship experience through starting and operating my own disc jockey business and ticket brokering business

Analytical & Problem-Solving Skills:

2 years of experience at a top-tier strategic consulting firm, at which I had a wide variety of case experiences, including: analysis of product mix, divestiture strategy, and cost reduction for a large CPG firm; developing a cost reduction and simplification strategy for a leading global airline; crafting strategies to increase attendance at San Antonio Symphony performances; conducting research to develop a fund investment strategy for a New York PE firm; helping to lead efforts in creating a strategic plan for the board of a Bolivian orphanage; createing a communication presentation to explain a retail client’s value proposition; designing a virtual office in Second Life & coordinating a Web 2.0 workshop for BCG's global Technology & Communications Practice Area

Internet Skills:

8+ years of basic web design experience, including HTML, some DHTML, and a working knowledge of JavaScript code

Technical Skills:

proficient in using Microsoft Word; corporate presentation experience with MS PowerPoint; website design experience with MS FrontPage; design experience with MS Publisher; data analysis experience with MS Excel; database & database experience with MS Access; some Adobe Photoshop editing skills and Macromedia Flash & Fireworks; AC Nielsen & Business Explorer

Marketing Skills:

9 months retail product sales, presentation design and delivery, brochures, websites, direct marketing via mail-outs, flyers, phone calls, and presentations; 3 months as a Sales Intern at the General Mills Western Business Center in Scottsdale, AZ; 5 months as a server at Brinker International's Macaroni Grill