october 2, 2008

it's been nearly a year now since i have moved to the bay area (over 9 months since i've lived in san francisco), and a lot has happened in that time frame. people always want to know how living in san francisco is - well, to be purely honest, it's spectacular. the lifestyle people enjoy here just can't be beat, and one truly understands why the cost of living is so high after experiencing life in sf first-hand. my friends and i spend our free time taking trips out to the wine country, shucking fresh oysters at oyster farms, hiking in the muir woods, fishing & sailing in the bay, and attending one of the many festivals that occur during the summertime (there's one nearly every weekend!) many of these activities are free or close to free, and we like to think that they're built into the price of our ridiculous rent... so we might as well enjoy it!

regarding work, i am still making the nearly 1.5 hour commute down to yahoo!'s corporate headquarters down in sunnyvale every monday through thursday. our company recently added 3 new board members, so i am expecting an influx of projects as the new board looks for ways to maximize shareholder value. i still very much enjoy working with the other members of the corporate strategy group, so it makes going to work every day that much easier. it is rare to find a team that you fit so well into, but i only see myself as a part of this group for another year or so. why only a year? well, i am currently in the process of applying to mba programs this fall, so i ideally will be starting classes next fall. however, with the economy and financial industries the way they are, the competition to get into school will be very stiff, so i'm hoping for the best.

in addition to work and living in the bay area, i have also been doing quite a bit of traveling recently. most notably, i recently returned from a 9-day trip to europe with one of my best friends from high school who was on the tail-end of a 6-week back-packing trip. while there, i spent time in (click each city for my picture album) anne frank house, taking goofy pictures at big ben, and experiencing the first day of oktoberfest in munich. if i had to pick a favorite place from the trip, i would probably have to say bruges with its small-town feel, gorgeous landscape, winding canals, and charming buildings. however, each city offered something truly unique and special, so they were all great to visit.

over the next few months, i have a number of additional trips planned, including traveling to dallas for texas-ou weekend, austin for a concert and the texas-osu football game, houston for thanksgiving, taipei to see family during christmas-time, and playa del carmen in mexico for a friend's wedding. needless to say, i am racking up the frequent flier miles!

between these trips, work, and the fun activities the bay area offers, i keep very busy in my day-to-day life. with my remaining time, i play in a number of adult sports leagues in the evening (volleyball, kickball, and 2 basketball leagues) and also serve on the board of the mccombs alumni network and as the president of the texas exes san francisco bay area chapter. i have an outstanding group of board members that work with me on our alumni activities, and it's been a blast getting to know other bay area longhorns. if any of you longhorns are ever in town at the same time as one of our events, you should definitely drop in

well, this is starting to turn into a novel, so i'll go ahead and wrap it up. i'd love to hear from each of you about your lives, as i am sure there is much to tell. also, if there's ever anything i can do to help with anything at all, please let me know. despite my active schedule, i will always do my best to make time for friends and family. as the holiday season approaches, i will be thinking about each and every one of you and wishing you the best from life.