: for "Time Frame", "S" denotes Spring and "F" denotes Fall (ex. - S04 = Spring 2004 semester)

Organization/Activity/Program Name

Positions Held (Time Frame)


Undergraduate Business Council (BC)


Technology Director (F04 - S05)


Parents' Day Committee (S04)


Engineering vs Business Week Chair (F03 - S04)


Historian Chair (F03 - S04)


Publicity Committee (F03 - S04, S03)


Org. Representative (S04, F02 - S03)


DINE Committee (F03)


Banquet Committee (S03)

The Undergraduate Business Council serves as representatives of the McCombs School of Business, with a purpose to improve all business students' education by hosting various programs about career choices, providing ways for students to improve faculty relations, updating business students about campus wide opportunities and events, and working with all McCombs School organizations to expand business students' active participation within the School, while always striving to build leadership and form friendships among our members.


During my time on BC, I have served as the organizational representative for ABSA & PBL, as well as a regular at-large member in the assembly.  My sophomore year, I was involved in the Publicity Committee, on which I specialized in creating innovative banners and posters, and the Banquet Committee, where I was involved in the total planning and organization process of our annual banquet.


During the 2003-2004 school year, I continued my active involvement.  I was appointed the Historian Chair & Engineering vs Business Week Chair positions, and I also was given committee positions in the Publicity Committee, DINE Committee, and Parents' Day Committee.


In my last year, I served on the executive board as the Technology Director.  Goals that I accomplished included streamlining the organization's website, innovating new programs, and improving areas in need of help.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Lambda Alpha Psi Chapter (FBLA-PBL, Inc.)

Webmaster (F04 - S05, F03 - S04)


Business Council Representative (S04)


Reporter (F03 - S04)


President & Founder (F02 - S03)

I re-activated the Lambda Alpha Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda in May of 2002.  This nation-wide professional business organization brings business and education together through innovative leadership and career development programs.


Under my leadership, our local membership grew to over 50 members in our first year.  We held many community service events, including a partnership with the March of Dimes.  In this year, we have raised over $500 for the non-profit organization.


In April 2003, we attended the State Leadership Conference in which our members competed against other undergrads in numerous business competitions.  In the 25 events UT-PBL members competed in, we placed in 23 and received first place in 20 - outstanding results for a new chapter!  In addition to this, we received the Vernon Payne Award for best chapter in the state.  Such a successful year will prove to be a solid foundation for the future.

Sports Entertainment Media Association (SEMA)

Webmaster (F04 - S05, F03 - S04)


President & Co-Founder (F03 - S04)

The Sports, Entertainment, & Media Association's goals are to develop students who are interested in the business-side of the sports, entertainment, and media industries.  The organization does this through corporate speakers, organizational outings, company visits, and social interaction among people with similar career interests.


I co-founded this organization in the Fall of 2003 with a group of 10 highly-motivated undergrads who were also interested in the concept of the organization.  Through hard-work and dedication to making the organization grow, SEMA has already been a huge success.  We began accepting members this semester and currently have almost 60 paid, active members.


Under my leadership, SEMA developed a number of activities and programs that will continue into the future, including a resume book, corporate speakers from local companies, a media exchange program, and a special events calendar.  During my time as President, we sent representatives to a national conference and continued to build a strong and active membership base for future years.

Asian Business Students Association (ABSA)

Member (F04 - S05, F03 - S04)


Membership VP (F02 - S03)


Business Council Representative (F02 - S03)


Alumni Director (F01 - S02)

The Asian Business Students Association is a professional, social, and philanthropic organization.  We prepare our members for success in the corporate world, from exposing them to a wide spectrum of industries to helping them become effective leaders.


I first became involved as a first-year member by being selected to be the Alumni Director.  As the Alumni Director, I was responsible for keeping ABSA alumni up-to-date on club activities, as well as organizing the annual Alumni Weekend.


My second year, I was elected to the Membership Vice President position and later appointed to the Business Council Representative position.  As Membership VP, I coordinated the club's social events and special programs.  As the BC Representative, I was responsible for delegating information from BC to the members of BC.

Mortar Board Senior Honor Society

Historian / Communications (F04 - S05)


Webmaster (F04 - S05)


Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership and service. Mortar Board provides the opportunity for continued leadership development as a member, while promoting service to the university and the local community.


During my senior year, I served as an executive officer, handling the responsibilities of the Historian / Communications position.  This included putting together a detailed history of the UT chapter, maintaining various relationships within the organization, and designing the site's website.

McCombs Student Empowerment Conference (MSEC)

Team Texas Lead (F03)


The McCombs Student Empowerment Conference (MSEC) gathered over 150 student leaders and faculty from over fifteen of the top undergraduate business programs in the nation. MSEC provided a unique opportunity for students and their administrators to work together, improving relationships and launching new student initiative programs. Students also met corporate representatives in a networking event and heard business leaders speak about contemporary issues.


As the Team Lead for Team Texas, I coordinated the organization of our presentation and delegated responsibilities to the other five team members from the McCombs School of Business.

National LeaderShape Conference

UT Representative (Summer 2003)

The LeaderShape Institute is an interactive, energizing and unique experience that builds leadership skills no other program can match.  The LeaderShape Institute develops participants to "lead with integrity."  The curriculum incorporates current leadership issues in such a way as to meet the developmental needs of young adults.


During the summer of 2003, I was selected by the McCombs School of Business as one of three representatives from our school to attend the national conference held by the LeaderShape Institute in Champaign, IL.  While there, I interacted with fellow students from universities across the nation while developing my leadership skills, personal integrity, and communication skills.

Texas Cowboys

Website Coordinator (S04)


Newman (F03)


Since its inception in 1922, the Texas Cowboys service organization has been an integral part of the University of Texas at Austin.  Members (and alumni) of the Texas Cowboys have proudly provided the UT campus with leadership, character, spirit and service (both before and after graduation).


I recently applied and was one of twenty-five young men accepted into the Newman Class of Fall 2003.  Even so, I have already formed a tight brotherhood with my fellow Newman and look forward to meeting the many distinguished Cowboys alumni.


During my last year on Cowboys, I work with Cowboys alumni to develop the new website for the organization and take pictures at activities and events.

Undergraduate Business Career Association (UBCA)

Publicity Chair (F02 - S03)


Publicity Committee (S02, F02)

Each year UBCA sponsors two job fairs at The University of Texas for the nationally 5th ranked McCombs School of Business: Career Expo and Intern Expo.  I have served as a member of the Publicity Chair, as well as leading the committee as the Publicity Chair.


During my time on UBCA, publicity for the job fairs was significantly improved by utilizing resources the organization had not done before.  Attendance at the fairs visibly increased over the two years, and the organization received much positive feedback about the professionalism of our designs.

Business Mentors Association (BMA)

Peer Mentor (S03)


As a Peer Mentor, I attended weekly classes to assist freshmen business students in their career and academic development.  I served as a resource for them in learning about the university, the city, and anything else that a 1st-year needs help on.

Houston Area Chinese Youth Camp (CYC)

Head Counselor (Summer 2002 & 2003)


Counselor (Summer 2001)


Assistant Counselor (Summer 2000)

Chinese Youth Camp is a summer camp organized by the 14 Houston-area Chinese schools each year.  The camp is held for local Chinese-American youths.  At the camp, the students learn about Chinese culture, participate in various social and educational activities, and enjoy athletic events.


I have been involved in the camp for 10 years now, first as a camper, then moving on to leadership positions as an assistant counselor, counselor, and eventually as the head counselor.  As head counselor, I was responsible for directing and organizing the activities of about 50 counselors & assistant counselors.  In addition, I also served as a liaison between the counselors and the staff members.

UT Collegiate Leadership Council

Treasurer (F02 - S03)


The UT Collegiate Leadership Council is one of the many March of Dimes college councils around the nation.  As a charter member of UT's council, I worked closely with the other members in raising money for the furthering of the March of Dimes cause: saving babies.

Alpha Lambda Delta - Phi Eta Sigma Honor Societies

Member (S02)


As a member of the joint honor society, I participated in community service events such as Habitat for Humanity and Project 2002.  In addition, there were many career development speakers and events that I attended to network with other honor students and build on my professional knowledge.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) & University Residence Hall Association

NRHH Member (F03 - S04, F02 - S03)


Carothers Hall Representative (F01 - S02)


As a part of the residence hall association, I worked to better the dormitories for the benefit of the students by attending feedback meetings, food committee meetings, and residence hall events.


NRHH is the recognition branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH).  NACURH, as an organization, truly believes that recognition is a must in a strong Residence Hall community.  As such, NRHH is there to make sure that we do not forget to give those needed and more than deserved pats on the back.